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Our Principles

Client Relationship [ + ]

Success equals positive change that is implemented.  That change is driven by the relationship with the client. In our experience, that relationship works best if it is a true partnership in which the value of each partner is defined and understood. We are neither outside experts, nor a pair of “helping hands.”  The partnership is defined by high levels of trust, open expression of differences in problem definition and approaches and an unrelenting focus on execution.

Execution [ + ]

We are not a report-writing organization. We do not tell our clients what they “should do.”  We work with them to develop a “hard” vision, to analyze issues and problems and to produce time-targeted, measurable and achievable goals and action plans to support them.
Healthy organizations and productive workplaces: We work with clients to design and implement solutions that provide clarity, eliminate destructive ambiguity, motivate staff at all levels to excel and find meaning in their work, strengthen positive norms (what we are most proud of) and eliminate negative norms and behaviors.

Vision [ + ]

Our experience tells us that a clear operational vision, what we want our organization to look like, can be a powerful tool building the emotional commitment needed to bring about real and sustained change and progress.  It is a foundation stone of real and sustainable change and improvement.

Planning As A Vehicle For Producing Clarity [ + ]

We do not operate at 35,000 feet. We do the gritty work that produces the clarity needed to achieve real change and successfully execute plans. What does that mean? Is this reasonable?  What are the real choices? Based on what shared criteria? Who will do what? What is the measurable outcome?

On the Ground [ + ]

Put quite simply, the word “should” does not appear in our vocabulary. We believe in the discipline of helping our clients get things, important things, done. Rather than “should,” we focus on “how.”

Value Proposition [ + ]

Our value proposition is quite simple: for reasonable fees, we assist clients in producing real and sustainable results. An example: we have submitted a proposal promising to produce operational outcomes in converting a multi-million dollar study into real change. Our commitment is to produce these outcomes at less than 5% of the study’s cost, with a money back guarantee if we don’t deliver. We are confident in our ability to work with organization’s to produce results.

Confidentiality [ + ]

We have been successfully in business for more than thirty years. Our ability to adhere to a policy of strict confidentiality is a major reason for our sustained success.