“Over the course of many years and many projects, all dealing with various aspects of organizational effectiveness, I have witnessed many of Frank Schneiger’s successes. His direct involvement at all levels of the organization provides groups with tools and skills for problem-solving and managing change, while emphasizing the central role of real decision-making. Frank has always stressed the organization’s accountability for its mission and the individual’s responsibility in carrying out that mission. He has always carried projects through to completion, providing the follow-up and clarity that make certain that execution is taking place.”

— Richard Kutilek, Chief Operating Officer
Calvary Hospital

The not for profit world is filled with grand aspirations. Frank Schneiger has the rare ability to help a group of leaders translate their ideas and visions into a real endeavor, consisting of a solid business strategy grounded in discipline and accountability. He was a valued consultant, advisor and coach as we moved our social enterprise from the “great idea” stage to a full-service operation.

— Steven G. Thomas, President and CEO
Better Futures Enterprises

What Is A Healthy Organization?

Frank Schneiger and Associates is a learning organization. We have taken the lessons learned from our own thirty-years experience and that of leaders in the field of organizational development to produce a “template” that guides our work. That template is the “healthy organization.” Its most important qualities are:

  • High levels of trust in one another at all levels of the organization
  • Motivation, a place that people want to be and where they know they have the active support of their leaders and managers in solving problems
  • Clarity across all dimensions: goals, roles, systems and processes, communications
  • A sense of urgency and a focus on results
  • A willingness to hold people responsible for achieving those results
  • Leaders and managers who don’t duck difficult problems
  • An ability to engage in healthy conflict
  • A focus on execution, getting everyone moving in the same direction, and the tools and skills to manage change



analysis, vision, commitment to the vision, action planning, communication and implementation.