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Consultation [ + ]

These are typically short-term problem-solving assignments related to a specific organizational or management issue.

Strategic and Operations Improvement Planning [ + ]

These are either short term, typically multi-day planning retreats, or longer-term planning projects that proceed from analysis to strategic planning to the development or action plans, tracking tools and systems for building accountability.

Management/Operations Improvement [ + ]

“Houston, we have a problem.” These are highly focused projects to resolve a pressing organizational issue, typically a department or unit in trouble, inter-unit breakdown or a system/work process problem.

Applications and Tools for Building Healthy and Successful Organizations [ + ]

This is an Internet based vehicle for strengthening management and operations, with low-cost customization and follow-up. Its greatest value and application is as a tool for large networks seeking to improve the performance of their members or constituent units.

The FS&A Rapid Change Model [ + ]

We reject the notion that “all change takes time.” In our experience, a key to successful operational changes is to focus sharply, compress time frames and keep your foot on the gas pedal until the change has “stuck.” The FS&A Rapid Change Model is our product for achieving these kinds of organizational fixes.

Cutback Management [ + ]

Dr. Frank Schneiger is the author of Managing in Hard Times, a guide to achieving the best possible outcomes and avoiding costly mistakes in periods of austerity and declining resources.